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Now Hear This! Announcements Just Got Better

Attention all business owners. We have an important announcement to make about...announcements! You heard that right. Announcements are a great way to connect with clients, control your message, and build your brand, all in a snappy package you design yourself.

Announcements do more than report; they keep your business at the front of your customers’ minds and build your reputation as a business of substance. Typically, announcements are used to celebrate important milestones, such as the opening of a new branch, or to introduce a new product or service. But they can also be used to build community, encourage involvement in a town cause, or celebrate a local school’s accomplishments.

You see, when you use announcements in these more nontraditional ways, what you’re really doing is showcasing your involvement, the way you engage with the community, and what your business stands for. Done properly, announcements are your own personal press release—except a lot more fun. With a press release, your message is constrained by the rules, but printed announcements have so many more creative options available for you.
For example, you could use a colorful design to capture attention or include inserts and extras that get people involved. Coupons, stickers, bookmarks...the sky’s the limit for what you can tuck inside an announcement to add a little fun and significance.

Now hear this: announcements are a business’s best friend!