Sales Kits. How important is it for your business?

A sales kit should be personal and make the recipient feel noticed and connected. Its main purpose is to educate the customer about your business and what makes your products or services different from your competitor. Key components of a sales kit should include:

Cover Letter – keep it personal rather than formal and don’t try to sell your product but rather encourage your customer to look at contents of the sales kit.

Case Studies/Testimonials – They speak for themselves, provides credibilityand trust.

Samples – If applicable, they show your client exactly what you do and can spark immediate interest.

Presentation/Packaging – your chance to visually hook potential customers whether it is as simple as a pocket folder or as complex as a custom made box.

Explanation and Call to Action – Make communicating with you as easy as possible by telling them how to go about engaging your business, what they can expect and the perfect time to get in touch.

Did you know  the most important document in a sales kit is the cover letter. It is the first item seen, therefore it needs to create an immediate “hunger” for the reader to connect with the remaining information in your kit.

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