Postcards: The Hardest-Working Marketing Tool Around

When it comes to connecting with your customers, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more hard-working and cost-effective marketing tool than postcards. Not only do postcards provide that all-important hands-on connection, but they are delightfully versatile. Whether you use them as part of a multitiered marketing campaign or in targeted mailings, postcards really work.

So how can you put postcards to work for your company? Use them to announce important company news, herald an exciting event, promote a new product, or gather information. Postcards can be used at multiple stages of a campaign and in multiple venues. You don’t always have to mail postcards; they’re great to have on hand at trade shows and conventions, too.

Postcards are also inexpensive to print and mail because they are smaller in size than most other marketing pieces and require less postage than a traditional envelope.

If you’re tired of sending out expensive catalogs to undeliverable addresses, consider reaching out to prospective customers first with a postcard imprinted with “Address Service Requested.” Any postcards returned by the Postal Service will allow you to clean up your mailing list without spending large amounts of money on your campaign.

Probably the most versatile thing about postcards is what you can put on them. Depending on your target customer, you can create an information-based campaign or one that is more visual. Many businesses use attractive and compelling images to create “collectible” postcards. Customers often keep and display these postcards, helping to build front-of-mind awareness. Done right, such campaigns can even lead to marketing that customers actually look forward to receiving.